Labor and Delivery

Stage 1:

Watch the the TWO videos below on the process  of labor and delivery.   One is embedded, one is a link.

Video #1

Video #2
Understanding Labor and Delivery   Watch this important Youtube video.   Site didn't allow embedding.

Stage 2:

Warning :  the optional videos are very graphic and potentially disturbing.   Be prepared to see live human birth.

Optional Video #1

Optional: Video #2
The Amazing Placenta
*Warning: This optional video is educational but graphic and gross.  It may be disturbing. Be prepared to see a  human placenta shortly after it was delivered.

Stage 3:

Fill out the Labor and Delivery sheet. Use the what to expecting book for the information.
Google Classroom Labor and Delivery Assignment

Weight and Length Spinners

Spin for baby's weight : Pounds

Spin for ounces

Spin for length

Stage 4:

Search You tube for a video showing/describing a "C" section.  Create a document and paste url into the document and turn in.

Google Classroom Find a You Tube "C" section assignment

Gamification of the Valhalla FCS Curriculum